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J-FLEXX: Music


(James Anderson, a.k.a. J.Flexx)

J.Flexx, stay decked, latex, stay wet
Come out them panties and bras
We’re fillin up them fannies and jaws
Cause we some mothafuckin players
These dudes is rogues
Dippin on old school
Everything down to the shoes is cold
Big game mothafucka, we refuse to fold

Verse 1:
If you got my dough to peel it
Would be idyllic
Shine like candy acrylic
On a Cadillac
You can achieve what you believe
If God will it
Strive to be the illest, in every city and village
Reality’s the realest, based on rape and pillage
Associate with dealers, negotiate with killers
Appropriate guerillas and .38 concealers
Top billers, chin checkers in chinchillas
I’m just an infant in the universe
Remnants of a lunar curse
Cause the nightlife could put you in a hearse
Experts disperse the verse
And hit your eardrums, transferred into megahertz
And the truth hurts
But it’s so contagious
Write hot enough to smoke the pages
Bloods, lords, locs, folks and haters
Essays 1 8ers, alphas & omegas, but


Verse 2:
I put your main dame up on a plane
With the R-A-W caine
Pack double the bang
We ghostbusters, post clusters, in plain view
When we skeeze ain’t nobody
We need to explain to
If we freeze frame you
You got to blame you
We ain’t fend to stop after all the shit we done came through
Uno, nina, ses, ocho (1968) el camino
With the dubs and the lo pros
Tryin to get green and spark it
If you got green money
Park it, in a money market
Here’s some work, here’s a corner
Money, mark it
Anybody lookin for escape is a target
Don’t get this shit started
Everybody knows the clicks quick to spark it
I’m a do what I gotta do to make it to the top
Before the game flip flop, cause


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